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Character Leveling Packs – Herod Horde



The leveling service we provide is unparalleled in both speed and cost efficiency. We offer two different options when it comes to leveling boosts, piloted and self-play. If your character has already been leveled you will receive an appropriate discount based on the amount of work that remains to be done, please contact us for this.

Piloted Option

The piloted option is the minimal effort one. It includes a booster logging into your account and completing the entire leveling process for you. The booster will need to access your account, this is done while using a VPN (Virtual Proxy Network) which ensures your account safety. The only thing you will have to do after purchasing the service is provide the login information and authorize the login, after that you can just sit back and relax as your character levels up.

Self-Play Option

The Self-Play option is just as the name suggests, you will need to be present while the boosts are taking place. After making a payment we will forward you to our boosters and you can pick the one whos schedule is the most suitable to you. Some of our boosters provide an AFK boosting method via a Weak Aura that allows them to place your character on follow, but this also requires that you move your character every 25 minutes or you will disconnect due to inactivity. This can be done with an autoclicker.



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