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Gearing Services



This boost is done via account sharing. Our boosters will log your account and gear up the character you want. Along with getting the Average Item Level that you ordered you will get a lot of Artifact Power, Reputation and Achievements. We will be gearing through Mythic Dungeons, Mythic+ Dungeons, Raids and World Quests. You will be able to monitor the progress the entire way through.

Service Requirements:

  • A level 120 Character, you can get that from us Here
  • Account access, this is a Piloted service

General FAQ

Do you change my Keybinds?

Our boosters service a lot of accounts and it’s impossible for them to be efficient without changing the keybinds to what they are suited to. However we always restore them at the end of the boost.

Can I log my account during the boost?

Yes, we set up a VPN so that the risks of getting flagged for account sharing are minimal. Our boosters can work on a set schedule that you provide us, what most of our clients like to do is have us work during their Sleep and Work hours, that way your routine gaming hours aren’t disrupted.

What if i start with a relatively high starting Item Level?

We can give you a discount based on how much content we’re able to skip by starting at your Item Level.

How do I order a WoW boost?

There are two ways, through the website and through our Customer Representatives. Our Customer Representatives can be contacted via Skype, Discord and Facebook. If ordering through the website simply follow the steps below, you can click on the image for a visual guide!

  1. Navigate to one of our product pages
  2. Select the option you want
  3. Click on “Add to Cart”
  4. Click on “View Cart”
  5. Click on “Proceed to Checkout”
  6. Fill out the checkout information required, agree to the Terms & Conditions, and click on “Place Order”

What happens after I order?

If you didn’t contact us already, we will contact you with the information that you provided in the checkout section. After that we set up the order by taking the info that we need and finding the first available booster to service your account.

How is your price for X so much lower than the competition?

We manage to keep our prices very competitive because of our professional business model. The way we construct pricing for all of our services is very simple. We estimate the amount of time the service takes, agree on a fair hourly wage with our boosters and add a 20-30% fee for us. What this means is that we can charge you less while still paying the booster more and making everyone happier!

How do I know my account is safe?

The way we protect your account from being flagged for violating “Terms of Service” and potentially being suspended is by using the best VPN available. A VPN (Virtual Proxy Network) allows us to connect to a server near your location before connecting to the game. This in turn means that you’re very unlikely to get flagged for account sharing, since the game thinks that you’re logging from a location near your usual one, instead from half the world away.

We only work with people we completely trust. The main requirement for new boosters is that they have someone who already works for us that can vouch for them. What this means is that unlike our competition, we don’t outsource our work and trust 3rd party companies with our client’s information. This resulted in us having a spotless record, which you can check for yourself on our TrustPilot, Epicnpc and Ownedcore profiles.

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